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TF ID AT1G75390.1
Common NameAtbZIP44, bZIP44, F1B16.8
Taxonomic ID
Taxonomic Lineage
cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Streptophytina; Embryophyta; Tracheophyta; Euphyllophyta; Spermatophyta; Magnoliophyta; Mesangiospermae; eudicotyledons; Gunneridae; Pentapetalae; rosids; malvids; Brassicales; Brassicaceae; Camelineae; Arabidopsis
Family bZIP
Protein Properties Length: 173aa    MW: 19073.2 Da    PI: 6.9467
Description basic leucine-zipper 44
Gene Model
Gene Model ID Type Source Coding Sequence
AT1G75390.1genomeTAIRView CDS
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Signature Domain
No. Domain Score E-value Start End HMM Start HMM End
       bZIP_1  5 krerrkqkNReAArrsRqRKkaeieeLeekvkeLeaeNkaL 45
                 ++ +rkq+NRe+ArrsR RK++ ++ L+  v  L +eN + 
                 5789**********************************865 PP

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3D Structure
Database Entry ID E-value Start End InterPro ID Description
Gene3DG3DSA: hitNo description
SMARTSM003381.2E-1637101IPR004827Basic-leucine zipper domain
PROSITE profilePS5021710.62239102IPR004827Basic-leucine zipper domain
SuperFamilySSF579591.63E-114193No hitNo description
PfamPF001708.6E-104181IPR004827Basic-leucine zipper domain
CDDcd147022.31E-214292No hitNo description
PROSITE patternPS0003604459IPR004827Basic-leucine zipper domain
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GO Term GO Category GO Description
GO:0006355Biological Processregulation of transcription, DNA-templated
GO:0009845Biological Processseed germination
GO:0005634Cellular Componentnucleus
GO:0003700Molecular Functiontranscription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding
GO:0043565Molecular Functionsequence-specific DNA binding
GO:0044212Molecular Functiontranscription regulatory region DNA binding
GO:0046982Molecular Functionprotein heterodimerization activity
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PO Term PO Category PO Description
PO:0000293anatomyguard cell
PO:0007057developmental stageseed germination stage
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Protein Sequence    Length: 173 aa     Download sequence    Send to blast
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No. Start End Sequence
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UniGene ID E-value Expressed in
At.162520.0floral meristem| flower| leaf| root| seed| silique
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Source ID E-value
Expression AtlasAT1G75390-
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Source Description
UniprotTISSUE SPECIFICITY: Expressed in the micropylar endosperm and radicle tip in early germinating seeds. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:23461773}.
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Source Description
UniProtTranscription factor that binds to the DNA G-box motif 5'-CACGTG-3' of MAN7 promoter. Involved in the positive regulation of seed germination through MAN7 gene activation. MAN7 is required for both, loosening of the micropylar endosperm, and rupture of the seed coat in germinating seeds. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:23461773}.
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  1. Data indicate that the expression of AtMAN7 gene (At5g66460) gene drastically reduced in the knock-out lines of AtbZIP44 (At1g75390).
    [PMID: 23461773]
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Motif ID Method Source Motif file
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Source Upstream Regulator Target Gene
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Source Intact With
IntActSearch C0Z2L5
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Source Description
UniProtDISRUPTION PHENOTYPE: No visible phenotype under normal growth conditions, but seeds have decreased germination speed after imbibition, without affecting overall germination rate. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:23461773}.
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Source ID
T-DNA ExpressAT1G75390
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Source Hit ID E-value Description
GenBankAC0237540.0AC023754.3 Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome I BAC F1B16 genomic sequence, complete sequence.
GenBankAK3188290.0AK318829.1 Arabidopsis thaliana AT1G75390 mRNA, complete cds, clone: RAFL14-51-H21.
GenBankAK3189910.0AK318991.1 Arabidopsis thaliana AT1G75390 mRNA, complete cds, clone: RAFL21-81-N15.
GenBankCP0026840.0CP002684.1 Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 1 sequence.
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Source Hit ID E-value Description
RefseqNP_177672.21e-127basic leucine-zipper 44
TrEMBLC0Z2L51e-127C0Z2L5_ARATH; AT1G75390 protein
STRINGAT1G75390.11e-126(Arabidopsis thaliana)
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LineageOrthologous Group IDTaxa NumberGene Number
Representative plantOGRP5511678
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